DNA Isolation (miniprep; maxiprep)

DNA Sequencing

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Southern/Northern Analysis

Primer Extension; S1 Nuclease Analysis

Genomic DNA Libraries, and cDNA Expression Libraries

In vitro Translation/Transcription

Standard Cloning Techniques; Restriction Enzyme Analyses

Total RNA, mRNA, and Isolation

Database Searches and Analyses

Foreign Gene Expression
   bacterial (pMal, pET, pGEX etc.)
   purification of expressed protein

Baculovirus Expression Vector
   transfection techniques
   plaque assays
   dot blot hybridization
   mutant virus construction

SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

2D-gel Electrophoresis

Antibody Production
   ELISA, hybrid dot, Western blot, radioimmunoprecipitation

Cell Culture
   insect cell lines
   suspension, T-flasks, bio-reactor
   mammalian cell lines


   transmission electron microscopy
   immuno-electron microscopy
   fluorescence microscopy
   fluorescence confocal microscopy (CARV)
  deconvolution/image analysis software

Lipid Analysis

   fatty acid analysis

Yeast 2-Hybrid

   library screen
   direct cross

FACS Analysis

Enzyme Assays


   preparative ultracentrifugation
   virus DNA, protein purification

Liquid Chromatography (AKTA-FPLC)

   affinity chromatography
   gel filtration (size exclusion) chromatography
   Ion exchange - hydrophobic interaction chromatogrpahy

Computer Equipment
   PowerMac computers
   Mac II series computers
   LaserGraphics LFR Slidemaker
   Epson Professional Color Scanner
   Polaroid Slide Scanner
   Spressa Recordable CD-ROM Drive
   PowerUser/DataStor Cartridge Drives
   Apple Laser Printers
   Colorpoint PS Printer
   Fargo PrimeraPro Color Printer
   Epson Stylus 800 Inkjet Color Printer
   Phaser 840 Color Laser Printer
   Pentium III 500 with Office Suite, Corel Draw for Image editing

   Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
   ProCite FilemakerPro
   ClarisDraw Kalidagraph
   DeltaGraph Photoshop
   Pagemaker Canvas
   Internet Access MacVector
   Powerpoint Corel Draw
   Adobe Photoshop