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Lecture Schedule

Study guides

    DNA and Genetics August 30
    Genomes September 4
    Biotechnology September 4-6
    mRNA September 11-13
    Genetic code September 18
    Prokaryotic transcription September 25
    Operon September 27
    Phage October 2
    DNA Replication October 4-9
    Recombination October 11
    Transposition and rearrangements October 16
    Chromosomes October 23
    Nucleosomes and chromatin October 25
    Eucaryotic transcription October 30-November 1
    Splicing November 6-13
    Signal transduction November 15-20
    Cell cycle November 20-27
    Cancer November 27-29

Homework problems and answers
    Homework 1
    Homework 2
    Homework 3
    Homework 4
    Homework 5

Quizzes (25 points each, highest FOUR scores to count for  100 points total)

Sample quiz and answers

Answers to Extra credit Quiz

Exams (100 points each)

Sample exam and answers
Review Sessions 7:30-9:00 Bio/Bio 108 Session #1
Session #2
Session #3
Final (150 points)

Tips for final

Tips for the final BY STUDY GUIDE for the material covered through Exam III

Note that Signal transduction, Cell cycle and Cancer will be covered in the depth indicated
by the ORIGINAL study guides.

Sample multiple choice for the final.
    Answers to sample multiple choice.