FALL, 2016


Following are links to lecture summaries and other materials that you may find useful. I will try to keep the material as current as possible, but I have a very busy schedule this semester.  If you need to see me, it would be a good idea to set up an appointment by phone (845-8250) or by e-mail < >.

I am in my office (202H, LF Peterson) almost every evening, but the building is locked after 5 pm, so call if you would like to stop by and I will open a door.



Lecture Outlines Homework Problems  
Molecular Genetics Homework 1       4 pts Due Sept 12
Mendel to Mapping Homework 2       6 pts Due Sept 26
Old Tests and Answers
Cyto, Population & Quantitative Genetics BLAST Homework 15 pts Due Oct. 27
  Homework 4  8 pts due Nov 21
GENE 310 Link

Homework 5  8 pts due Dec. 12


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