I love to run, and hope to do it until I'm a very old man; guess it's been a regular activity for over 27 years now. In December, 2005, my running log surpassed 25,000 miles, and I celebrated running the equivalent of around the earth! Every year I participate in several races - the distances range from 5K to marathon. Through the years my marathons have included San Diego, Newport RI, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New York and Boston (3-time qualifier). Right now, my favorite distance is the half-marathon. It doesn't require the long recovery after a marathon and hurts a lot less than a 5K race. I was lucky to qualify for the Boston Marathon again in Feb. 2006, and ran there in April 2007. In 2009, I ran half-marathons in Austin (February) and Eugene, OR (May).

Here are some good websites to explore:

For a listing of regional events and race results (Texas and surrounding states): Runner Triathlete News (

Houston marathon and half-marathon (in January)

Austin marathon and half-marathon (in February)