My family

My son, Tim, born in 1986, is now a student at Rice University. He received a B.A. in architectural studies in 2008, and will receive a B.Arch. degree in May, 2010. His major is architecture, and he has a terrific eye for designing things. He has enjoyed internships in Beijing, China and Cambridge, MA, and a semester abroad in Paris. We used to get away for camping trips one or two times each year, usually to the Hill Country of Texas. Our favorite local trips have been to Enchanted Rock, Lost Maples, or Pedernales Falls. Of course, the best ones are to the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies, the Sierras in California, or the Cascades of Oregon/Washington, where we to backpack into wilderness areas.

Tim and my brother, Paul, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, summer 2003.


Tim's graduation from Rice U. with B.A. degree in May, 2008.