BICH/GENE 662, BICH407 Eukaryotic Transcription, Spring 2006



January 26 Identification of RNA Polymerases

Multiple Forms of DNA-dependent RNA Polymerase in Eukaryotic Organisms (1969) Roeder, RG and Rutter, WJ. Nature 224:234-237.

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February 2 Promoter Elements

Transcriptional Control Signals of a Eukaryotic Protein-Coding Gene (1982) McKnight, SL and Kingsbury, R. Science 217:316-324.

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February 9 General Transcription Factors

Factors Involved in Specific Transcription by Mammalian RNA Polymerase II. Purification and Functional Analysis of Initiation Factors IIB and IIE (1987) Reinberg, D and Roeder, RG. J. Biol. Chem. 262:3310-3321.

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February 16 Assembly of Preinitiation Complex In Vitro

Five Intermediate Complexes in Transcription Initiation by RNA Polymerase II (1989) Buratowski, S, Hahn, S, Guarente, L, and Sharp, PA. Cell 56:549-561.

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February 23 RNA Pol II Holoenzyme

An RNA polymerase II holoenzyme responsive to activators (1994) Koleske, AJ and Young, RA. Nature 368:466-469.

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March 2 Identification of Cell-Type-Specific Enhancer Element

Identification of a minimal sequence of the mouse pro-a1(I) collagen promoter that confers high-level osteoblast expression in transgenic mice and that binds a protein selectively present in osteoblasts (1996) Rossert, JA, Chen, SS, Eberspaecher, H, Smith, CN, and de Crombrugghe, B. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93:1027-1031.

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March 9 Coactivators (TAFs)

Isolation of Coactivators Associated with the TATA-Binding Protein That Mediate Transcriptional Activation (1991) Dynlacht, BD, Hoey, T, and Tjian, R. Cell 66:563-576.

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March 16 Spring Break


March 23 Mediator

A Multiprotein Mediator of Transcriptional Activation and its Interaction with the C-terminal Repeat Domain of RNA Polymerase II (1994) Kim, YJ, Bjorklund, S, Li, Y, Sayre, MH, and Kornberg, RD. Cell 77:599-608.

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March 30 Structural Biology of Transcriptional Activation

Solution Structure of the KIX Domain of CBP Bound to the Transactivation Domain of CREB: A Model for Activator:Coactivator Interactions (1997) Radhakrishnan, I, Perez-Alvarado, GC, Parker, D, Dyson, HJ, Montminy, MR, and Wright, PE. Cell 91:741-752.

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April 6 Histone Acetylation

Tetrahymena Histone Acetyltransferase A: A Homolog to Yeast Gcn5p Linking Histone Acetylation to Gene Activation (1996) Brownell, JE, Zhou, J, Ranalli, T, Kobayashi, R, Edmondson, DG, Roth, SY, and Allis, CD. Cell 84:843-851.

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April 13 Histone Deacetylases and Heart Defects

Histone Deacetylases 5 and 9 Govern Responsiveness of the Heart to a Subset of Stress Signals and Play Redundant Roles in Heart Development (2004) Chang, S, McKinsey, TA, Zhang, CL, Richardson, JA, Hill, JA, and Olson, EN. Mol. Cell. Biol. 24:8467-8476.


April 20 Outcomes of Histone Methylation

WDR5 Associates with Histone H3 Methylated at K4 and Is Essential for H3 K4 Methylation and Vertebrate Development (2005) Wysocka, J, Swigut, T, Milne, TA, Dou, Y, Zhang, X, Burlingame, AL, Roeder, RG, Brivanlou, AH, and Allis, CD. Cell 121:859-872.

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April 27 Recruitment of Proteins to Promoters In Vivo

Estrogen Receptor-a Directs Ordered, Cyclical, and Combinatorial Recruitment of Cofactors on a Natural Target Promoter (2003) Metivier, R, Penot, G, Hubner, MR, Reid, G, Brand, H, Kos, M, and Gannon, F.  Cell 115: 751-763.

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