FALL 2010




September 9

Review article: MyoD family: a paradigm for development? 1990. Olson, E.N. Genes Dev. 4:1454-1461.


Article to discuss: Expression of a Single Transfected cDNA Converts Fibroblasts to Myoblasts. 1987. Davis, R.L., Weintraub, H., Lassar, A.B. Cell 51:987-1000.



September 16

Article to discuss: nacre encodes a zebrafish microphthalmia-related protein that regulates neural-crest-derived pigment cell fate. 1999. Lister, J.A., Robertson, C.P., Lepage, T. Johnson, S.L., Raible, D.W. Development 126:3757-3767.



September 23

Article to discuss: Transcriptional regulation of a pair-rule stripe in Drosophila. 1991. Small, S., Kraut, R., Hoey, T., Warrior, R., Levine, M. Genes Dev. 5:827-839.



October 7

Minireview article: Wnt Signaling: Multiple Pathways, Multiple Receptors, and Multiple Transcription Factors. 2006. Gordon, M.D. and Nusse, R. J. Biol. Chem. 281:22429-22433.


Article to discuss: Armadillo Coactivates Transcription Driven by the Product of the Drosophila Segment Polarity Gene dTCF. 1997. van de Wetering, M., Cavallo, R., Dooijes, D., van Beest, M., van Es, J., Loureiro, J., Ypma, A., Hursh, D., Jones, T., Bejsovec, A., Peifer, M., Mortin, M., Clevers, H. Cell 88:789-799.



October 14

Article to discuss: b-catenin directly displaces Groucho/TLE repressors from Tcf/Lef in Wnt-mediated transcription activation. 2005. Daniels, D.L. and Weis, W.I. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 12:364-371.



October 21

Preview article: The Curious Case of Bivalent Marks. 2009. Herz, H.-M., Nakanishi, S., Shilatifard, A. Dev. Cell 17:301-303.


Article to discuss: A Bivalent Chromatin Structure Marks Key Developmental Genes in Embryonic Stem Cells. 2006. Bernstein, B.E., Mikkelsen, T.S., Xie, X., Kamal, M., Huebert, D.J., Cuff, J., Fry, B., Meissner, A., Wernig, M., Plath, K., Jaenisch, R., Wagschal, A., Feil, R., Schreiber, S.L., Lander, E.S. Cell 125:315-326.



October 28

Article to discuss: Chromatin signature of embryonic pluripotency is established during genome activation. 2010. Vastenhouw, N.L., Zhang, Y., Woods, I.G., Imam, F., Regev, A., Liu, X.S., Rinn, J., Schier, A.F. Nature 464:922-926.



November 4

Review article: Unexpected roles for core promoter recognition factors in cell-type-specific transcription and gene regulation. 2010. Goodrich, J.A. and Tjian, R. Nat. Rev. Genet. 11:549-558.


Preview article: Transcription strategies in terminally differentiated cells: shaken to the core. 2007. Jones, K.A. Genes Dev. 21:2113-2117.


Article to discuss: Switching of the core transcription machinery during myogenesis. 2007. Deato, M.D.E. and Tjian, R. Genes Dev. 21:2137-2149.



November 11

Preview article: Stalled polymerases and transcriptional regulation. 2007. Tamkun, J.W. Nat. Genet. 39:1421-1422.


Two articles to discuss: (1) RNA polymerase is poised for activation across the genome. 2007. Muse, G.W., Gilchrist, D.A., Nachaev, S., Shah, R., Parker, J.S., Grissom, S.F., Zeitlinger, J., Adelman, K. Nat. Genet. 39:1507-1511.

(2) RNA polymerase stalling at developmental control genes in the Drosophila melanogaster embryo. 2007. Zeitlinger, J., Stark, A., Kellis, M., Hong, J.-W., Nachaev, S., Adelman, K., Levine, M., Young, R.A. Nat. Genet. 39:1512-1516.



November 18

Perspective article: Repressive Transcription. 2010. Guenther, M.G. and Young, R.A. Science 329:150-151.


Article to discuss: Short RNAs Are Transcribed from Repressed Polycomb Target Genes and Interact with Polycomb Repressive Complex-2. 2010. Kanhere, A., Viiri, K., Araujo, C.C., Rasaiyaah, J., Bouwman, R.D., Whyte, W.A., Pereira, C.F., Brookes, E., Walker, K., Bell, G.W., Pombo, A., Fisher, A.G., Young, R.A., Jenner, R.G. Mol. Cell 38:675-688.


December 2

Perspective article: Hiding in Plain Sight. 2010. Rosenberg, M.I. and Desplan, C. Science 329:284-285.


Article to discuss: Small Peptides Switch the Transcriptional Activity of Shavenbaby During Drosophila Embryogenesis. 2010. Kondo T., Plaza, S., Zanet, J. Benrabah, E., Valenti, P., Hashimoto, Y., Kobayashi, S., Payre, F., Kageyama, Y. Science 329:336-339.