Spring 2004


Guidelines for minigrant project:


Due Monday, April 26 by noon

About 5 pages, typed, double-spaced plus references


Propose several experiments that could follow from a recent paper in the general field of eukaryotic transcription.  By ≥recent≤ I mean a 2002 publication date or later.  This paper could be one from the reading list.  Alternatively, as a starting point, you may choose another paper, but it must be approved in advance by me.


Include the following sections:

1) A short Title of the research project

2) Abstract or Summary - one short paragraph describing the objectives, purpose and methods of the project

3) Specific Aims - List, in one sentence each, two or three directed objectives that will be addressed by your experiments.  These will be modest objectives, certainly not of the scope of a NIH grant.  Instead, the entire list should be able to be completed in 1-2 years by a single, full-time lab worker.

4) Introduction or Background - Using about a half-page, describe the previous work directly related to your proposed experiments.

5) Experimental Methods - Aim for 2-3 pages in this section of your minigrant.  Clearly explain the methodology that will be necessary to perform your proposed experiments.  Your narrative should be brief, but descriptive and complete.  Do not include details, such as buffer components, gel formulations, etc., except for those details that are crucial for any experimental outcomes.

6) References - This section must be included in your minigrant.  The length may be whatever is required.  Please include titles in your reference list.