BICH 440, Section 201 Schedule for Special Honors Sessions
7:00 – 8:30PM, every other week, Room 403 Biochemistry

Sept. 5 short organizational meeting

Sept. 19 Primary discussants: Sarah West, Lauren Wikholm
Paper: Maemoto, A, Qu, X., Rosengren, K.J., Tanabe, H., Henschen-Edman, A., Craik, D.J., and Ouellette, A.J. (2004) Functional Analysis of the a-Defensin Disulfide Array in Mouse Cryptdin-4. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279:44188-44196.

Oct. 3 Primary discussants: Whitney Nichols, Frances Varner
Paper: Zhang, Q., Powers, E.T., Nieva, J., Huff, M.E., Dendle, M.A., Bieschke, J., Glabe, C.G., Eschenmoser, A., Wentworth, P., Jr., Lerner, R.A., and Kelly, J.W. (2004) Metabolite-initiated protein misfolding may trigger Alzheimer’s disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 101:4752-4757.

Oct. 17 Primary discussants: Luke Hunter, Sara Mittasch
Paper: Xu, M., Arulandu, A., Struck, D.K., Swanson, S., Sacchettini, J.C., and Young, R. (2005) Disulfide Isomerization After Membrane Release of Its SAR Domain Activates P1 Lysozyme. Science 307: 113-117.

Oct. 31 Primary discussants: Ryan Fortune, Sy Sy Huang
Paper: Manolescu, A., Salas-Burgos, A.M., Fischbarg, J., and Cheeseman, C.I. (2005) Identification of a Hydrophobic Residue as a Key Determinant of Fructose Transport by the Facilitative Hexose Transporter SLC2A7 (GLUT7). Journal of Biological Chemistry 280:42978-42983.

Nov. 14 Primary discussants: Alexis Crawley, Sarah Ellis
Paper: Boehm, M., and Slack, F. (2005) A developmental timing microRNA and its target regulate life span in C. elegans. Science 310:1911-1913.

Nov. 28 Primary discussants: Kevin Attenhofer, Amy Coffey
Paper: Tanner, K.G., Langer, M.R., Kim, Y., and Denu, J.M. (2000) Kinetic Mechanism of the Histone Acetyltransferase GCN5 from Yeast. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275:22048-22055.