QUIZ 2, BICH 410( MWF 1:50 PM), Friday, Oct. 6, 1995

Clearly circle the letter corresponding to your answer for each problem. There are seven problems, six of which count 3 points, and one is worth 2 points. No partial credit given for multiple-choice questions.

1) Experiments on denaturation and renaturation after reduction and reoxidation of the disulfide bonds in the enzyme ribonuclease (RNase) have shown that:

2) Which sequence of amino acids listed below is most likely to be in the middle of a collagen chain?

3) Which of the following statements is true about alpha helices in proteins?

4) How many hydrogen bonds connect the two ß strands given below when they exist in a parallel beta sheet?


5) (2 pts) Which substance is not chemically related to the heme group?

6) Positive cooperative binding of a ligand to a protein is always characterized by:

7) Given the octapeptide sequence below, which statement is not true?