QUIZ 1, BICH 410( MWF 1:50 PM), Friday, Sept. 8, 1995

Clearly circle the letter corresponding to your answer for each problem. There are seven problems, six of which count 3 points, and one is worth 2 points. No partial credit given for multiple-choice questions.

1) Condensation of an amino group and a carboxyl group with loss of water forms a(n):
2) The enthalpy change deltaH for the formation of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen is -46 kJ/mol. This reaction is:
3) Which of these statements about hydrogen bonds is not true?
4) The hydrophobic effect:
5) The reaction shown below is an example of what type of biochemical reaction?

(pyruvate to lactate; reaction shown on sidebar of page 416 in text)
6) Which of the following functional groups could be involved in a hydrogen bond with a primary amino group?
7) (2 pts) Which of the following interactions has the weakest stabilization energy?