QUIZ 3, BICH 410 (MWF 1:50 PM), Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1994

Clearly circle the letter corresponding to your answer for each problem. There are seven problems. Six count 3 points each, and one is worth 2 points. No partial credit given for multiple-choice questions.

1. A typical protein will not be denatured by:

2. Carbon monoxide:

3. Which of the following bond-pairs within a peptide backbone show free rotation around both bonds?

4. Which of the following is least important to describe cooperative binding of oxygen to hemoglobin?

5. A sequence of amino acids in a protein is found to be -threonine-glycine-proline-glycine-. This sequence is most probably part of a(n):

6. An a-helix would be destabilized most by:

7. (2 points) In an alpha-helix, the R groups on the amino acid residues: