Current status of the Matthew Gaines project at Texas A&M University: The Spring semester of 2003 saw the Matthew Gaines project revisited as Brooks Landgraf spread the word of the issue to various student organizations. By mid-spring, Brooks Landgraf and Martha Gault were the chairs of a newly established Matthew Gaines Memorial Council. The council was established as an ad-hoc committee of the Texas A&M University Student Senate. Comprised of two representatives from every organization that wanted to take part in the project, the council met and discussed the possible designs and locations for the project. By the end of the semester, the Student Senate had passed a resolution that gave the Matthew Gaines Memorial Council permanent status until its goals were accomplished, and it outlined what the council had agreed upon ≠ that the memorial would be a full body statue, with a plaque describing the contributions of Matthew Gaines as well as the rest of the 12th legislature, positioned in Koldus Plaza with surrounding bricks holding the names of all members of the legislature. This all, of course, depended on gaining again the approval of the President's Advisory Committee on Art Policy (PACAP) and the rest of the administration. Brooks Landgraf and Martha Gault met with PACAP during the last week of the spring semester to make them aware of the project and answer any questions the committee had. Chuck Sippial was designated as the PACAP contact for the council, joining Professors Baum, Albrecht, and Murguia as faculty who were directly involved with the project. The councilís main objectives for the fall semester will be to get approval from the administration for continuation of the project and the beginning of outside fundraising. During the summer, outside historians were contacted to evaluate the project for the administration. Professors. Alwyn Barr of Texas Tech, James Wilson of Southwest Texas State, and Randolph "Mike" Campbell of the University of North Texas will be the main outside evaluators of the project. In the fall, Chris Moran will take over as co-chair for Brooks Landgraf, who graduated in May. In the spring, Narietha Carter will take over for Martha Gault as the chair. She will be shadowing Martha during the fall in order to create a smooth transition of leadership, allowing the project to continue.


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