"Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas,
that there be hereby within this state an institution of learning under the name and style
of the 'Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas'. . . ."
{Senate Bill No. 276 - April 4, 1871}


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The Matthew Gaines Memorial Homepage
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The Matthew Gaines Memorial Committee was formed on the initiative of the Aggie College Republicans in the mid-1990s to support the erecting of a statue of State Senator Matthew Gaines on the campus of Texas A&M University. The statue would honor Senator Gaines for his contributions to the establishment of free public education in the State of Texas and the passage of the legislation which allowed the state to accept the Morrill Land Grant College Act. The following statement describes Matthew Gaines and his accomplishments:


Former slave, community leader, minister, Republican State Senator and courageous leader in the 12th Legislature, which established free public education in the State of
Texas and enabled the founding of Texas A&M University


Matthew Gaines of Brenham (Washington Co.) served in the 12th (1870-71) and 13th (1872) Legislatures.   [Photograph courtesy of Lois Smith]

Most of the material presented on this website is in archival form, but for those interested in being a part of a the newly created "Matthew Gaines Initiative Committee" please go to: Matthew Gaines Initiative Committee at http://resi.tamu.edu/gmemorial.php/.

Past statements regarding the Matthew Gaines Memorial by student leaders, faculty members, and university administrators:

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H.R. No. 753: "The House of Representatives of the 77th Texas Legislature pays special tribute to Matthew Gaines for his exceptional public service"


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