Welcome to Dr. Barnhardt's Introduction to Psychology 107-501 (MWF 10:20-11:10 in Psyc 338) and 107-511 (MWF 9:10-10:00 in Psyc 337).

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course handouts

107-501 syllabus (.doc)  (MWF 10:20-11:10 in Psyc 338)

107-511 syllabus (.doc)  (MWF 9:10-10:00 in Psyc 337)

Research requirement handout, research report handout, and research report example.

Some general study tips, my own set of study tips, and Dr. Cavell's Home Remedies for Ailing Test Scores

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interesting and educational stuff

Hubble ultra deep field

Hubble ultra deep field video

Evolutionary and geological timelines

Human evolution

Simple animation of gene transcription and translation

Neural grafting

Stem cell research primer

Stem cell research: University of Utah site

Stem cell research: NIH site

Sensory-motor homunculus

Helping behavior experiment

TMS video 1       TMS video 2

Cognitive-behavioral therapy pdf (from Wikipedia)

Summary of two twins studies of homosexuality

Blindspot demo

Standarized achievement tests and personality tests are predictive of academic and workplace success

Psychology in the news and popular press

Movies created on the basis of brain activity look (a bit) like movies actually viewed (news release, 9/22/11)

Antidepressant use on the rise (news release, 10/19/11)

Teenage brains (National Geographic, October, 2011)

New test for Consciousness in "Comatose" Patients (news release, 11/9/11)

Stem-cell infusions suggest treatment for heart failure (news release, 11/15/11)

Twins (National Geographic, January, 2012)


    All assignments must be typed. Also, on the first page of all reports, your name and student ID should be in the top left-hand corner of the page. In the top right-hand corner, you should put the course-section # and the date that the assignment was turned in. 

    1. Who am I? (.doc) (due Monday, Jan. 23rd, in class)

    2. Dream journal (.doc) (due Wednesday, Feb. 1st, in class)

    3. Personality test (.doc) (due Friday, Feb. 24th, in class)

    4. Developmental (due Friday, March 23rd, in class)

            Table of tasks and observations

            Erikson's psychosocial survey

            Example of a completed Erikson's table

            Pendulum problem   

            Heinz Dilemma questions

    5. Social norm (due Monday, April 2nd, in class)

    6. Web video (due Monday, April 30th, in class)



        Chapter 5 Sensation Perception powerpoints

        Chapter 6 Learning powerpoints

        Chapter 7 Attention and Memory powerpoints


        Chapter 11 Developmental Parts 1 and 2 powerpoints

        Chapter 11 Developmental Parts 3 and 4 powerpoints

        Chapter 12 Social Psychology powerpoints

        Chapter 9 Motivation powerpoints

        Chapter 9 Emotion powerpoints

        Chapter 10 Health Psychology powerpoints


        Chapter 13 Personality Theories and Assessment powerpoint

        Chapter 13 Personality biology and the self powerpoints

        Chapter 14 Psychological Disorders powerpoints

            Prevalence rates for psychological disorders

        Chapter 15 Treatment of Disorders powerpoints


        Chapter 1 powerpoint

        Chapter 2 powerpoints

        Chapter 3 Genetics powerpoints

        Chapter 3 Neurons powerpoints

        Chapter 3 Brain powerpoints

        Chapter 4 powerpoints

Review questions


        Chapter 5 review questions

        Chapter 6 review questions

        Chapter 7 review questions


        Chapter 11 review questions

        Chapter 12 review questions

        Chapter  9 motivation review questions

        Chapter  9 emotion review questions

        Chapter 10 review questions


        Chapter 13 review questions

        Chapter 14 review questions

        Chapter 15 review questions


        Chapter 1 review questions

        Chapter 2 review questions

        Chapter 3 Genetics and Neurons review questions

        Chapter 3 Brain review questions     

        Chapter 4 review questions


    UNIT FOUR (Chapter 6)

        Classical conditioning worksheet

        Operant conditioning worksheet

        Schedules of reinforcement worksheet

        Answers to worksheets


        Defense mechanism exercise

            Defense mechanism answers

        Diagnosis exercise

            Diagnosis answers


        Example questions for Test 1

        Answers for example questions


    Grade distribution for 107-501 (MWF 10:20-11:10)

    Grade distribution for 107-511 (MWF 9:10-10:00)